What to do if you won the green card

Thus, a short guide of what to do after you learned about the green card winners.

  1. Fill in the form DS-260.
  2. Undergo a medical examination. It’s cost – $ 150-215 (depending on the country and age). Necessary vaccination to be paid separately. It must be held only to the clinic, which was approved by the US Embassy in your country. Their addresses are on the Embassy’s website. For example, for Ukraine, it is the International Organization for Migration in Kyiv for Russia – International Organization for Migration in Moscow. The results of the medical examination in the interview you need to bear in a sealed envelope.
  3. Collect the necessary documents, as appropriate for your situation:

• certificate of education or confirmation of the required work experience;

• birth certificate;

• the marriage certificate or official proof of a name change;

• divorce certificate;

• Court decision on adoption;

• a certificate of good conduct from all countries (including – the former Soviet Union), in which you have lived more than a year;

• military ID;

• All decisions of the courts and prison services, if you have been detained, arrested or served time;

• documents explaining stay in the US for more than six months, and documents about the deportation;

• Two color photos 5×5 cm made earlier than six months before the date of the interview;

• proof of residence at the address given in the application form DS-260;

• evidence that you are in the US you will not be a public charge. This may be the documents confirming the existence of assets, savings, an invitation to work in the United States or an instrument of financial support from a relative or friend from America ( Form I-134).

  1. Pay the application fee of $ 330.
  2. Pass the interview.

All additional information you need to know only on the site of the US Embassy in your country.

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