Top 9 entertaining shows for learning English

Having mastered the basics of the English language with a teacher, you are approaching a time when you need to work on vocabulary and accent. To do this, many people choose TV shows and movies that quite effectively.

However, for these purposes, you can also engage in viewing entertainment reality show, writes Ingleks .

Looking through the show, scroll strange moments several times, discharge interesting or strange expression, then to analyze them in the classroom with the teacher.

Here are 9 of entertainment show that will help in learning English.

1. The Voice

In short, the essence of the show “The Voice” is that 4 of experienced and well-known musical figure currently gaining command of the participants in the show, and heard them singing, but without seeing the singer himself.

The show was created in Holland, but later, many countries, including the UK, America, and Australia, have begun to produce their own versions. To view, you can select the country, the emphasis is to your liking.

See “The Voice” can be at the level of the late Pre-Intermediate. Even if you do not understand completely all the words, what is happening on the screen is clear enough.

2. The biggest loser

The name literally translates as “the most to lose” (referring to the weight). This transmission, in which people with the problem of excess weight under the supervision of an experienced team of trainers and nutritionists to lose weight.

The show is good because it affects different themes: food, cooking, sports, fitness equipment. This means that you will be able to “pump” the English dictionary in several ways. Again, the show is the American, British and Australian versions.

3. The Ellen Degeneres Show

There is such a genre in the United States gears as late-night loe talk show For (evening talk show), which includes interviews with celebrities, musical performances, comedy skits and funny comments about the leading current events and news.

One of the talk shows that are useful for learning English is of The Ellen Degeneres Show, a leading creator and that Ellen DeGeneres is known comedienne.

Wonderful sense of humor makes the leading interviews with stars fun and easy to view. In addition, the pace of speech Ellen calm enough, and in many interviews on YouTube has built-in subtitles.

4. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Excellent master jokes, plenty of interesting interviews with celebrities and games make the transfer must-watch for anyone who wants to develop English or just a good laugh from the heart. If your level is Upper-Intermediate and above, do not pass by.

One of the useful headings to learn English is #hashtags. Dzhimmi Fellon specifies a particular topic on Twitter, in which people send their funny stories. All tweets displayed on the screen, you can pause the video to look carefully and write down interesting phrases.

5. Top Gear

This British transfer is perfect for people who want to expand your vocabulary on the topic of cars and everything associated with them. In addition, the Top Gear – an excellent source of British humor and culture. If you’ve always wanted to get acquainted with these things closer and your level of language above Intermediate, more appropriate gear is hard to find.

6. The Daily Show

The satirical talk show, which the creators describe themselves as “fake-news program.” Leading a team of reporters along with comments and pokes fun at current events, political leaders, the media, and this command do not see anything bad to laugh at themselves.

You need to have a level of Upper-Intermediate to understand the transmission of humor. Attention: The Daily Show is present profanity.

7. Comedy Central

This is a comedy channel. Among the advantages – a large number of gears and comedy series, “the taste and color” and the presence of subtitles to many of them. But the main disadvantage – you need to speak English at a high level, to understand everything.

8. Travel Man

None gear list would not be complete without a show about travel because many of us are taught the language of the very purpose of its use in other countries. Man the Travel – is a British documentary broadcast, which leads along with guest star spends 48 hours in a particular country.

9. The Apprentice

If you have long wanted to fill up your business vocabulary or a new vocabulary to understand the way of thinking of successful Americans, of The Apprentice Join cope with both tasks perfectly.

This reality show was created by Donald Trump in 2004. Sixteen parties, acting together, perform business tasks. At the end of each episode of the show is the weakest participant leaves the project.

The winner gets all the credit in the form of a post of the head of a company Trump Organization and a 6-digit salary.

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