The next time you can be supplied to the green card lottery

Participants lottery Green Card-2018 from May 2 began to check the results. All about this method of immigration in the US, as well as what should be done in the case of receiving a message of winning, ForumDaily said earlier.

The next time the application for participation in the lottery green card can be submitted at the beginning of October 2017. As a rule, accept applications last month with a small, so everyone will have enough time to register.Winners in the lottery will be able to get a green card in 2019.

Green card – one of the ways to immigrate to the United States, available to almost all.

Registration is only one official site of the lottery – The process of registration is absolutely free and fill out an application can a person with minimal knowledge of the language.

If you are experiencing that can not cope with the filling, pre-read the step by step instructions, and material as possible to correct the error if you have already applied.

Apply better personally, without intermediaries.

There are several reasons:

  1. You will pay $ 30-150 for what you can do yourself.
  2. Intermediaries and any other persons do not affect the results of the lottery. Selection of the winner has determined the computer.
  3. The mediator may, in the next year to apply for without your knowledge, and if you do the same thing – you are disqualified, as you can apply once a year.
  4. If you applied through an intermediary, they can enter your email address and, if you win, require extra money for the information about the result.

If you still have a lot of questions – read our stuff, which describes the most common questions about applying for a green card lottery.


If you are lucky and you won as part of the formalities necessary to pass a medical examination and an interview – read the article as not to spoil everything.

On arrival in the United States, each has to do a few key documents: to issue bank cards, social security number, and American identity.

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