The most highly paid profession in the world in 2017

The most highly paid profession in the world is quite significantly different from the Russian. Check out the ranking of the top 10 most profitable and prestigious areas of the global labor market.

The labor market situation is constantly changing. Professions that 10-20 years ago were highly paid and meaningful lose its relevance. This is a normal situation because things are changing in the world. Changing needs of mankind, there are new technologies, developing science. All this has a direct impact on the global labor market.


Surgery – a very popular profession. This applies, particularly to surgeons. To become a truly high-class specialist, you must unlearn at least 10 years. The most popular surgeons receive about 181 thousand Dollars per year.


This is not just a doctor who at the time of surgery, “lulls” of the patient. In fact, this profession is very demanding. The qualifications and experience of the anesthesiologist often depend on a person’s life. Such an employee – not the last person in the operating room. The maximum annual salary of a specialist reaches 162 thousand Dollars.

 Senior Manager

It can be president of the association, general and executive directors. Similar positions in any organization are considered key, because of the person responsible for making important decisions, and personnel management. Of course, this responsibility should be well paid. Thus, the maximum annual salary of a manager reaches 135 thousand Dollars.


This profession has long been praised in song and verse. She is one of the most highly paid because air transport is still in demand. Control of the aircraft – this is a very responsible and difficult task. The pilot must deliver passengers and cargo integrity, following the required route. Moreover, he has to take important decisions in unexpected situations. The person who chose a profession has delayed, boldness and determination. Maximum annual pilot salary is 134 thousand Dollars.


According to statistics, today the demand for dental services exceeds supply in 4 times. Although the number of dental centers is growing around the world, this gap can not be considered full-time. About 10 years ago, this was considered a predominantly male profession, but today, many women choose for themselves the dentist career. The maximum annual salary of such a specialist is 132 thousand Dollars.

Market analyst

It’s no secret that the sale and purchase of various products is one of the ways to make money. Of course, this should be done wisely. Market analysts know all about buying and selling. They collect and then carefully analyze the information. One of their tasks – is forecasting the market situation. Such data is always very important for business leaders. Maximum annual analysts’ salary is 111 thousand Dollars.


Many large companies are trying to comply with all applicable laws. Alas, the reality is that the regulatory framework changes frequently. In order not to go over the edge, organizations hire a lawyer or an entire department. The most experienced and highly qualified professionals earn 110 thousand Dollars per year.


In today’s world, it is highly valued information and computer technologies. In all this, it is well-versed IT-specialists. These workers protect against data leakage, do not give crack sites discourage virus attacks, develop new software. Thanks to the best specialists in our daily lives easier every day. It is for this reason, the maximum annual salary of the profession can be up to 105 thousand Dollars.

It is worth noting that the demand for IT-services is constantly growing. A growing number of companies in need of competent programmers, developers, and system administrators. Maybe in a couple of years, IT-specialist will advance in the ranking of the highest paid professions.

Advertising Manager

The image to the material Advertising Manager On the market today is noticeable obvious competition between manufacturing companies of all sizes. Not every organization is able to stay afloat. Manufacturing quality products is not enough. Need a good advertising and marketing strategy designed. Achieve success and attract a maximum number of customers can only highly qualified advertising manager. The maximum annual salary of a specialist is 100 thousand Dollars.

Breeders and genetic engineer

The image to the material breeders and genetic engineer Today the problem of hunger in the world is very serious. It so happened that the maximum population growth observed in underdeveloped countries, where there is a shortage of food. It is, for this reason, it is very important to improve crop productivity. Thus, the new maize varieties derived recently helped save a lot of people in Africa. That’s why experienced breeders with genetic engineers receive up to 97 thousand Dollars per year.

Of course, over time, the list will change. Some professions, such as a surgeon, IT-specialist, analyst, and breeder, certainly retain their positions. Experts assure us that already, nano-technology and ecology in the near future will increase the demand for engineers. Accordingly, these professions will be one of the most highly paid.

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