The main reasons for refusal of a visa to the US

Reasons for the refusal of a visa can be called a lot more because in fact involved a human factor, and it can never be fully predictable. And, in general, none of these possible reasons you are not directly informed – the formal text of the failure in most cases, does not clarify the situation. But even if you are refused a visa to the United States, do not rush to panic, it does not mean that the way to America you permanently banned.

However, much more effectively prevent the occurrence of problems, not solve them. That is why we have written to you the most common causes of failure in the US visa and encourage you never to do so.

Limited communication with their homeland

The duty of the consular officer – treat every foreigner as a potential immigrant and alien task – to prove him wrong. This is done by reference to the place of work, real estate documents, the presence of family or relatives who remain in their home country.These guys usually do not have children, they do not own an apartment or a house, nowhere do work and if they work, it is only recently settled or earn very little. Young people think that is very mobile, full of energy and ambition, and, as a consequence, are more prone to immigration.

Few trips abroad

The fact that you have been in other countries, and from there went back in time, witness your obedience to the law and strong ties with the Motherland.

Denial of US visa can be caused by poor visa history. But the fact that you have been in other countries, and from there went back in time, witness your obedience to the law and strong ties with the Motherland. Preference here is given to the countries of Europe, because, you see, a few want to immigrate to Turkey, Egypt or other states with a low level of development.

suspicious invitation

It’s no secret that US citizens make excellent husbands and wives for those who really want to immigrate to America. So if you meet on the Internet and traveling to meet with the beloved/lover, the visa officer may suspect something. Also, it is likely to alert the invitation, written in broken English, or invitation, drawn by the inviting party or notarized, located in the black list of the consulate.

Inconclusive information regarding the objectives of the trip and the excitement

When directly on the interview you are asked about the purpose of the trip, it is advisable to speak confidently and concretely. For example, if your purpose – tourism, tell us about what cities you want to visit, what to see, give any tickets or composed routes. Denial of US visa may also be caused by your nervousness, anxiety, and doubts during the interview, so try to behave in the calmest and collected.

Births in the United States

In itself, the desire to have a child in America is not the reason for the refusal of a visa, but if you have given birth in the US, and payment of medical bills left American taxpayers, you will not get a visa. Also, doubts may arise, if at the time of the first application you were pregnant, but the real reasons hidden trip.

Lack of finances

If you are going to be treated in the US, you must provide proof of your financial ability to pay for such treatment (medicine in America is not cheap). Similarly, it is with the students: if you’re going to the States to study,¬†you should be able to pay for it yourself or with the help of a sponsor. And in general – a low level of income will cause the visa officer’s suspicion that you are going in the United States illegally to work and improve their financial situation, or “dead weight” hang on society, applying for social benefits and payments.

various violations

If your last visit you have exceeded the period of stay under the visa, stole a chocolate store in the US, were drinking alcohol in public places, to work on a tourist visa or doing something else from the category of “no” – you are more likely to refuse a visa. If you exceed the legal period of stay in the country for a period of 6 months to 1 year – you will not be allowed in the States the next three years, and if more – the way the US is closed for you for the next 10 years.

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