How to get a US visa after refusal

Almost every fourth applicant supplied in 2014 for the most popular tourist and business visa type B1 / B2 in the United States, was rejected, according to statistics from the State Department. ForumDaily I figured out what to do if you are refused a visa and whether there is a chance yet to get to America.

Trying – not torture

Daughter Irene Burd Russians visa was denied 3 times, on the fourth – was given. “The first time was served in 2009, she was denied. Then there was 2 failure “, – says Irina, who herself received a green card and the last few years living in California. Her daughter was going to visit my grandmother and grandfather, who for more than 20 years are US citizens. In Moscow, she has a family, work, bills, but consular officers of that were not enough.

In the end, his daughter Irina rewrote the property which has remained in Russia. Private villa and a car, be sure to Irina, played a crucial role in the fourth interview – and visa approved.

Irene Burd had to rewrite part of the property at his daughter for a US visa. Photo: from the personal archive

But the light designer Vladimir Durnova denied a visa in 2013, and after that, he no longer tried to be fed. Then, at the invitation of the cultural center of Moscow, he was supposed to go with the Russian Chamber Orchestra, Mirey Mate and Evgeniem Evtushenko on a small tour of US cities and Canada. According to him, he had to consult American scene workers as to expose the light better.

Documents for business visa B1 filed a cultural center for him. In the interview, Vladimir went with a colleague. He said: “Said, everything seems to be the way we were instructed in the cultural center, stressing that the work we are in the United States, in any case, will not, and will only say that and how to do – is conditional, in which point to shine.”

The consular officer after the interview, said Vladimir visa are not allowed.

However, his team-mate, also illuminator who was with him that day at the interview, the visa was given, although the documents and the reasons for obtaining a visa are the same – Advice on tour.

The presumption of immigrant

In recent years, according to US State Department statistics, the number of B1 / B2 visa requests, which suggest a tourist or business purpose of the trip, is steadily growing. However, up to 25% of applicants are rejected.

Anyone trying to get a visa B1 / B2 is considered a consular officer as a potential immigrant. The task of submitting a visa application – prove the opposite.

Therefore, in addition to the standard package of documents, which requested the US embassy (letter of appointment interview, confirmation questionnaire filling DS-160, photo, passport, and proof of payment).

On to the interview, you can bring:

  1. Documents on financial solvency: tax payments, proof of the existence of property (apartment, car, cottage) or its business (share it), shares and other assets. Students should prepare monthly bank statements or documents on contribution fees.
  2. Reference from employer stating position, salary, the length of service in the organization, coordination vacation or business trip purpose, as well as a guarantee from the employer that is yours in the absence of the saved workspace.
  3. Students should take a certificate stating that you are currently still studying at the university.
  4. If you are traveling to relatives residing permanently in the United States, in addition to the letter of invitation, good to have a copy of the document on the status of this person (a green card, certificate of naturalization, the current non-immigrant visa).
  5. Old passport, particularly if previously drove in the USA.

All these documents have to bring to the interview personally (better if it will be original). Runaway something by fax, email or regular mail will not work.

However, even the existence of a full package of documents does not guarantee a visa. The reasons for refusal, which are guided by consular officers, stipulated in the Law on Immigration and Nationality Act. They are usually explained in a letter that is given visa.

The most common cause of failure – Section 214 (b). Simply put, the embassy suspect that you are from the United States did not come back, because you can not prove strong ties with the Motherland.

The latter is considered such circumstances, that will make you go home: family, work, property.

How to get approval after failure

After the refusal of a visa, you are allowed to re-contact the embassy at any time. However, the need to re-collect all the documents and pay the visa fee. In this case, the embassy expected to receive from you the information that was not provided for the first time, or want to see what your situation, it is in any way since the last application for a visa.

What can you do in this case:

1. It is necessary to analyze their financial viability. The laws and written recommendations do not indicate that a person applies for a visa, must have a certain income. But in practice, the consular officer may estimate how much of your salary is enough for entertainment in the United States. When the applicant it appears that the lack of necessary amount of help from the employer stating position (most often, if the income is less than $ 1,000), it is possible to provide a bank statement. If finances do not cover their own travel to the United States, in this case, you should take with you to the interview letter from the sponsor (family, friends, employer), in which he agrees to pay all costs.

2. A significant argument for the counsel in the issuance of visas will be your background is tourism. If the applicant’s passport is marked on the visit of many countries, it describes him as a man who always comes home. A resident of Samara Svetlana Mironov just hopeful that the second time it will be able to obtain a US visa, passport showing a wide geography trips. The first time she applied for in 2013 and was refused. “I was only 29 years old, had a job with a salary of almost $ 1,000, it was not her husband, children, and property. I have working parents, and to refer to their impotence, which guarantees my return, I could not. In the passport there were marks on the visit to Turkey, Egypt, several Schengen countries, “- says Svetlana. Since then, the situation has changed: the woman has made significant progress on the career ladder, got an apartment and was able to visit not only in Europe but also in Australia and New Zealand.

3. If the previous trip to the consulate used an invitation from friends or relatives who are US citizens or green card holders, it is worth paying close attention to it. At a minimum, the paper should be drawn up in proper English. To visit is worth pointing out good reasons. For example, very respected consular officials attend religious events (wedding, baptism, bar mitzvah). If relatives go to the birth of a child, it is not recommended to indicate that they will help the young mother. This can be regarded as the work (all of a sudden you will be paying for the care), which is prohibited on the B1 / B2 visa.

4. You can dial “political weight”, appealed for help to the United States national elected representatives. For example, a resident of California Olga Salahutdinova believes that legal validity of the documents and a letter to the senator helped her mother get a visa after two failures.

“My ex-husband – lawyer. In the directory “Yellow Pages” he found contacts senator from our state, and wrote him a letter with a request to assist. I think it is important to note that this letter was legally properly compiled and explained why it is very necessary that the mother came to the birth of our son, “- says Olga.

At the consulate, together with Olga’s mother went to their friend, who was also a lawyer. He helped explain intelligibly to the consular officer why a woman traveling on the invitation of his daughter.

Olga Salakhutdinova resorted to the help of senators and lawyers, to her mother was able to get a US visa after a failure. Photo: from the personal archive.

5. You can change the type of visa for which you are going to visit America. For example, try to get a student visa type F1 to study and improve the English language. For this purpose we find a language school or language courses at a college or university tuition and receive a Form I-20, which allows you to apply for a visa F. for people with higher education, it is useful to before the interview at the consulate to prepare a letter from an employer (or a representative from the Faculty, if they get a second degree), that perfect English is required for them to work (study).

6. If the visa refusal was a schoolboy, it is necessary to wait for admission to higher education. This is considered a close relationship with their homeland.

7. If you have elderly parents, may take a certificate from a doctor, behind them needed care.

8. It is necessary to think about changing marital status. If you live in a civil marriage, you can easily specify your partner as a spouse/spouse. Consular officers have a positive attitude to all forms of partnership – both formal and informal.

9. If the marital status change until there is nobody, you can resort to another life hacking – unobtrusively inform the officer that you are waiting for home pets (cats, dogs, alligator). This, of course, the weakest argument, but here it is possible to hope for luck and love for an officer younger brothers.

10. Keep yourself most relaxed and at ease during the interview. Consular officers excessive nervousness and excitement can be seen as something that you’re trying to hide some information.

At the interview should behave naturally and easily. Photo:

However, none of these will give you a 100 percent guarantee on the approval of the visa. Sometimes in the same package of documents and life circumstances, consular officials are taking a completely opposite decision.

Visa delay

Parents Denis Lutin, a professor of mathematics, preparing for the trip to his son in California for a long time. During the 10 years of the life of Denis in America, it was their first visit. Mom, Ph.D., works as a teacher at the institute, has received approval for a visa once a day feeding. Father, the doctor of technical sciences, had to wait longer. According to Denis, in the interview, the officer did not approve the B1 / B2 visa immediately, but did not refuse and asked to send by e-mail CV and list of scientific papers. “With respect to his father passed the administrative check, – explains Denis. – After 2 months, he was given a visa for a year. ”

Administrative Review – a special procedure in which the additional data required visa officer.

More often than not, the applicant is issued a letter indicating section 221 (g) of the Immigration Act, which means “incomplete filling of the application or request additional documents,” and asked to send your CV in English to e-mail, which provides consular officer.

The data provided are an internal audit.

Find out in advance whether this section will be applied to 100% does not work, but for technical professionals, such checks occur often. By “testable” categories include staff research and production enterprises, research institutions, defense industry, doctorate in nuclear/quantum physics, nuclear and electric power, biomedicine, chemistry. Increase your chances of getting a visa you can, if you just make a summary in English and a list of publications, if any, and take them with you for an interview at the consulate.

Other causes of failure

The most serious, but at the same time and very rare for potential tourists, the reason for the refusal of a visa is a section 212 (a) – “class of aliens that are not suitable for US visas and entry.” If there is a link to it on this point, it means that the decision taken is not a consular officer and the Department of Homeland Security. To obtain such a black mark may be many reasons: committing heavy crimes due to terrorist organizations, immigration violations, etc…

However, if you need to visit the United States is great, you can try to ask for permission to enter the exception.

The application of form I-601 fed directly to the Department of Homeland Security. It is necessary to detail and convincingly explains why you can rely on the exception to the rule, but you should 212 (a) the reasons for the refusal.

In this case, it is better to seek assistance from an immigration attorney. “Case” the cost (ie, conducting client’s case) depends on the type of failure and the complexity of the appeal. On average, the initial consultation is $ 100-200, and the full price of a lawyer can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

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